PV Reliability Workshop


This workshop is planned in partnership with the Durable Module Materials Consortium.

NREL hosts an annual Photovoltaic Reliability Workshop (PVRW) so solar technology experts can engage on current and forward-thinking subject matter in PV reliability.

This workshop provides a unique opportunity for group discussions that can yield answers and bring participants to a common understanding for current questions in module and system reliability. Improvements in PV reliability reduce the cost of solar electricity and promote investor confidence in the technology—both critical goals for moving PV technologies deeper into the electricity marketplace.

The 2022 PVRW was held virtually from Monday, Feb. 21, to Friday, Feb. 25. Proceedings from the workshop will be published in May 2022. 

The dates of the 2023 PVRW will be announced in fall 2022.

Past Workshops

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Workshop Updates

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