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Awards for Photovoltaic Manufacturing R&D

The following research efforts within the PV Manufacturing R&D Project were honored with prestigious industry awards.

  • 1995—AstroPower (now GE Energy): Received an R&D 100 Award for its Silicon-Film product, which combined the performance and stability of conventional crystalline-silicon-based solar cells with the low cost of sheet-material production.

  • 1998—Ascension Technology and Advanced Energy Systems: Recipients of Popular Science's "100 Best of What's New" in technological advances. Ascension Technology was cited for its SunSine 300 AC PV modules with a built-in microinverter that eliminated the need for DC wiring. Advanced Energy Systems was recognized for its microinverter, which was small, easy to install, and compatible with PV modules made by several manufacturers.

  • 2001—Siemens Solar Industries (now Shell Solar) and NREL: Awarded a Federal Laboratory Consortium Award for developing a technique to reprocess oils and solvents used in cleaning and etching silicon wafers that decreased by nearly 80% the amount of caustic wastes from PV manufacturing.

  • 2005—NREL and Sinton Consulting: Received an R&D 100 Award for the development of a silicon testing system that helps manufacturers determine the quality of silicon in the early stage of solar cell production.