Full Record of PV Cell Efficiency Data Now Publicly Available

Feb. 16, 2022 by Nikos Kopidakis

The NREL team behind the world-record photovoltaic (PV) cell efficiencies chart has recently finalized and posted a data table containing the full, underlying data for the points on the chart.

The data table, which goes back to 1976, and the data guide, which explains how to read the table, can be found on NREL's main research-cell efficiency chart page.

The data table (which is shared as a .xlsx spreadsheet) includes not only the device efficiency but also open-circuit voltage (Voc), short-circuit current density (Jsc), fill factor, device area, and a description of the device structure. We hope this will be a useful resource to the PV community as a historic record of the evolution of PV cell performance parameters beyond just efficiency.

Also listed (where applicable) is reference to the version of the Solar Cell Efficiency Tables, published twice a year in Progress in Photovoltaics, where that device's efficiency was first reported. Since their initial publication in 1993, the tables have been the ultimate reference for record cell efficiencies, and reference to the tables here can provide the context of a new record among other cell technologies at the time.

Going forward, whenever new records are added to our Best Research-Cell Efficiency Chart, the spreadsheet will also be updated. NREL has previously released a data table and data guide for record efficiency PV modules, which are available for download on the NREL website.

If you have comments and feedback on the new data table, please email Nikos Kopidakis.

Special thanks to Sarah Kurtz and Ashling Leilaeioun of University of California Merced and to Harrison Dreves of NREL for helping in this effort.