Development of Specific Technologies Highlighted in New Efficiency Charts

Dec. 5, 2019

Our champion cell and module efficiency charts are becoming more and more busy, reflecting all the new, exciting research and development taking place in photovoltaics worldwide. This can make it difficult to pick out particular technologies or narratives of development on the charts as they get more crowded.

To help researchers present technology-specific historical data on champion devices, we created technology-specific champion cell efficiency charts. These charts highlight specific technologies while putting them in context of the larger chart. An example detailing the best research-cell efficiencies for crystalline silicon cells is shown below.

 A chart showing best research-cell efficiencies versus years, with a focus on several types of crystalline silicon cells.

Access these technology-specific champion cell efficiency charts:

Crystalline silicon cells

Single-junction gallium arsenide cells

Multijunction cells

Thin films

Emerging PV.

We are also working toward an interactive chart that will include the performance data, manufacturer and testing laboratory, and other relevant information. We hope to share more details on this soon.

We hope these charts will be useful in presentations and discussions on the development of specific technology areas. We look forward to including these in talks and posters!

For comments, questions, and suggestions related to these charts, please contact Nikos Kopidakis.