PV Calibration Insights

The Photovoltaic (PV) Calibration Insights blog will provide updates on the testing done by the NREL PV Device Performance group

This NREL research group measures the performance of any and all technologies and sizes of PV devices from around the world to ensure consistency and accuracy of PV performance measurements. NREL is the United State's premier laboratory for testing the performance of PV cells and modules.

We now provide a full-service website where you can specify your desired PV device performance calibration services, provide sample information, print out required forms, and pay for measurements. This online measurement request process combined with our rapid turnaround time of six week or less means you can get needed calibration results faster.

For more extensive collaborative research projects, nonstandard testing, long-term testing, and testing a large numbers of samples there are several options for working with us, whether you are a PV manufacturer, certification lab, research organization, university, or national laboratory. 

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Development of Specific Technologies Highlighted in New Efficiency Charts

Dec. 5, 2019

To help researchers present technology-specific historical data on champion devices, we created technology-specific champion cell efficiency charts. These charts highlight specific technologies while putting them in context of the larger chart. An example detailing the best research-cell efficiencies for crystalline silicon cells is shown below. Continue reading