NREL Fuels and Engines R&D Revs Up Vehicle Efficiency, Performance (Text Version)

NREL's fuels and engines research covers the full spectrum of innovation—from fuel chemistry, conversion, and combustion to the evolution of how fuels interact with engine and vehicle design. This is a text version of the video entitled "NREL Fuels & Engines R&D Revs Up Vehicle Efficiency, Performance."

It's like a 1.7 trillion dollar payday.

[Bundled bills flow down and crash into each other]

That's how much more efficient cars and trucks…

[Someone fuels their car at the pump]

...could save Americans in fuel costs

[Someone holds a credit card at the gas pump and presses buttons]

As well as pump up the nation's...

[A cornfield is being plowed with farm equipment]

...economy, energy security, and…

...overall quality of life…

[Cars are being manufactured on an assembly line]

Maximum efficiency and performance come from NREL research...

[Two female scientists sit in a laboratory]

...that bridges fuels and engines.


[A close-up shows a moving engine]

NREL's scientific discoveries start at the molecular level,

[Animation of scientific images includes test tubes, atoms, machinery]

...examining feedstock and fuel properties.

[A test tube is being filled with yellow liquid]

Then researchers put fuels in engines...

[An animation of a freight truck appears in a warehouse/garage]

...and put vehicles from passenger cars...

[An animation of a box truck appears]