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Wind for Schools Project Gains Traction in Pennsylvania

January 29, 2013

Pennsylvania is one area where the U.S. Department of Energy Wind Powering America Wind for Schools project is seeing big impact thanks to several projects including Northwestern High School, which installed a turbine to become Pennsylvania's first Wind for Schools project, and Mount Nittany Elementary School, which is in the final stages of receiving building permits to begin a wind turbine installation. The schools received a West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund grant, bringing total grant funding for the project to $16,000. 

Read more about the Northwestern High School project.

Devised by NREL in 2006, the Wind for Schools project seeks to aid in the development of a wind energy workforce for the future by providing wind energy education and training at K-12 schools through the installation of small wind turbines while developing Wind Application Centers at higher education institution in 11 states.

—Devin Egan