Wind Wildlife Research Meeting Presents Latest Findings

Dec. 4, 2012

Leading scientists on wind energy and wildlife from around the world convened November 27-30, 2012, in Denver, Colorado, for the ninth biennial Wind Wildlife Research Meeting to share their latest findings and evaluate progress in understanding and addressing wind energy's potential impacts on wildlife and wildlife habitat. The meeting, which was co-hosted by the American Wind Wildlife Institute and the National Wind Coordinating Collaborative, featured more than 40 speakers, 70 poster presentations, and 350 attendees. Scientists presented their latest research for onshore and offshore risk assessment, conservation and mitigation opportunities, and more. The meeting also included a full-day training session on the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Land-Based Wind Energy Guidelines. Meeting proceedings will be published in early 2013. For more information, contact Christine Real de Azua.

—Julie Jones