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OpenEI Spotlighted in White House Datapalooza Event

October 10, 2012

The Hydrogen Gateway on OpenEI launched in preparation for Energy Datapalooza, an event that highlights the use of open energy data sourced from the government and used by entrepreneurs to build new businesses.

At the event, Dr. David Danielson, assistant secretary for EERE, mentioned OpenEI (Open Energy Information)—a knowledge-sharing online community dedicated to connecting people with the latest energy information and data. Debbie Brodt-Giles said he "mentioned OpenEI as being DOE's platform for sharing open data." In addition, several teams stated that they use OpenEI and NREL data in their applications that were highlighted and demonstrated at the event.

"It was a very inspirational event, and it was great to see so much support for open energy data!" exclaimed Brodt-Giles.

The Hydrogen Gateway provides relevant links to reports, such as National Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Learning Demonstration Final Report, and to HyDRA (Hydrogen Demand and Resource Analysis), which is a web-based GIS tool that allows users to view, download, and analyze hydrogen demand, resource, and infrastructure data spatially and dynamically. One the most interesting features of the gateway is the Hydrogen Composite Data Product Directory that can be searched by topic. It is a visual representation of data, and the plan is to provide more visualizations and access to raw open data in the future, which is directly in alignment with the government's Energy Data Initiative.

—Jim Leyshon