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October Is Energy Awareness Month

October 1, 2012

October is Energy Awareness Month, and since 1991 teachers all over the country have incorporated energy efficiency and conservation activities into their curricula, as well as information about energy sources. The following resources are available to assist with lesson planning:

  • The National Energy Education Development Project offers a list of resources for teachers who wish to incorporate Energy Awareness Month into lesson plans. This includes science kits and curricula for many renewable and conventional energy technologies for multiple age levels, including an extensive list of curricula that can be downloaded free of charge and used in classrooms with locally available supplies. In collaboration with the American Wind Energy Association and the Department of Energy's Wind for Schools project, wind energy curricula are available.
  • The KidWind Project has extensive online curricula as well as curricula kits that can be purchased. The WindWise curriculum was specifically designed for secondary school students to look more closely at some of the impacts associated with wind technology and its development.
  • The Renewable Energy Alaska Project and the Alaska Center for Energy and Power are bringing the new AK EnergySmart K-12 energy efficiency curriculum to school districts across the state. If you are looking for ideas on how to engage students in energy issues, contact Courtney Munson to schedule an AK EnergySmart classroom visit or teacher informational session.
  • Teachers in other areas of the country may want to visit the Illinois Wind for Schools program website, which features a spreadsheet that compiles available wind-related curriculum for students in primary school, junior high school, and high school. The Energy for Educators website supported by the Idaho National Laboratory and the Wind Powering America website also offer lists of wind energy curricula and teaching materials.

—Julie Jones