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NREL Analysis and Analysts in the News

September 12, 2012

SEAC's Rachel Gelman and Jeffrey Logan provided DOE with documentation showing that renewable electricity generation had doubled between 2008 and early 2012, meeting a stated administration goal. This statistic was referenced by former President Clinton in his speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Sarah Busche led a webinar that was featured in SNL article "Small-Scale Community Renewables Projects Face Financing Hurdles." This webinar was the second in the Community Renewable Energy Deployment webinar series. The 368 attendees represented 48 U.S. states, the territory of Puerto Rico, and 5 additional countries.

Windpower Engineering & Development posted an article titled "Lab Releases Report on Past and Future Costs of Wind Energy" about NREL report The Past and Future Cost of Wind Energy.

Several publications highlighted NREL's U.S. Renewable Energy Technical Potentials: A GIS-Based Analysis: R&D Magazine; Electric Light & Power; Clean Edge;; North American Windpower; ScienceDaily;; and Climate Progress. quoted Anthony Lopez, the report's lead author.

The Union of Concerned Scientists; Earth Techling; SNL; and Windpower Engineering & Development featured the Renewable Electricity Futures Study. In addition, Maureen Hand and Trieu Mai have presented the study findings at a Union of Concerned Scientists webinar, the RE-AMP 2012 Annual Meeting, a Power Systems Engineering Research Center webinar, a Wind Powering America webinar, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group meeting, and the Energy Foundation meeting. and Clean Technica highlighted the Transparent Cost Database. reposted the following NREL blogs: "Document Standardization: It's Not Just for Pencil Pushers Anymore" and "Should Renewable Energy Be Afraid of Basel III Banking Standards?" by Travis Lowder and "Community Development Finance Institutes: Providing Clean Energy Capital" by Bethany Speer.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review quoted Douglas Arent in "5 Myths about the Marcellus and Natural Gas Industry."

The Clean Energy Solutions Center features a blog by Morgan Bazilian on the potential of open source software and crowdsourcing for the energy analysis field.

—Jim Leyshon