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NREL Proposes Framework to Support Exchange of Knowledge on Low Emission Development Strategies

September 12, 2012

NREL Report: International Experiences and Frameworks to Support Country-Driven Low-Emissions Development

Authors: Ron Benioff, Jaquelin Cochran, and Sadie Cox, NREL

NREL supports several multilateral initiatives designed to increase use of renewable energy and energy efficiency to support economic development while addressing such global challenges as climate change and energy security. Our portfolio includes several projects in the field of low emission development strategies (LEDS). LEDS allow countries to advance sustainable development, promote private-sector growth, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In a recent report, NREL proposes a framework—or support infrastructure—to enable the efficient exchange of LEDS-related knowledge and technical assistance via coordinating forums, "knowledge platforms," and networks of experts and investors. According to the report, integrated investment in all elements of the framework increases the efficacy of support for country-driven LEDS.

—Jim Leyshon