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NREL Analysis and Analysts in the News (July 2012)

August 7, 2012

The Renewable Electricity Futures Study was highlighted in Scientific American's "80% Clean, Renewable Energy by 2050: More Than Possible, But Need More Political Will (& Public Demand)"; EnergyDigital's "Renewables Could Supply 80% U.S. Electricity"; Care 2 Make a Difference's "Thinking Big: 80 Percent Renewables is Possible by 2050"; Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Patch's "Renewable Energy Future," and Worldwatch Institutue's "The Way Forward for Renewable Energy Policy in the U.S." Trieu Mai was quoted in a Denver Post blog titled "Renewable Energy Could Provide 80% of U.S. Electricity - But at What Cost?" about the incremental costs of the scenarios presented in the study. reposted an NREL article titled "Renewable Energy Faces Financing Challenges with End of Federal 1603 Grant Program" and Scientific American published "Challenges with End of 1603 Clean Energy Grant Program," both discussing NREL report §1603 Treasury Grant Expiration: Industry Insight on Financing and Market Implications by Michael Mendelsohn and John Harper.

Michael Mendelsohn answered questions from California Energy Markets for their article "LADWP to Buy NextEra's Beacon Solar Project" concerning whether there is any advantage a public utility has over a private developer in getting a large renewable energy project built.

The article "Wind Energy Jobs: Are the Numbers Pulled from
Thin Air?
" highlighted NREL technical report Preliminary Analysis of the Jobs and Economic Impacts of Renewable Energy Projects Supported by the §1603 Treasury Grant Program. reposted Karlynn Cory's blog, "Eggs in Many Baskets: Arizona Public Service Diversifies Generation Sources."

—Jim Leyshon