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NREL Report:

July 30, 2012

Authors: David Hurlbut, Scott Haase, Craig Turchi, and Kari Burman, NREL

In January 2012, NREL delivered to the Department of the Interior the first part of a study on Navajo Generating Station (Navajo GS) and the likely impacts of BART compliance options. That document establishes a comprehensive baseline for the analysis of clean energy alternatives and their ability to achieve benefits similar to those that Navajo GS currently provides. This analysis is a supplement to that study. It provides a high-level examination of several clean energy alternatives, based on the previous analysis. Each has particular characteristics affecting its relevance as an alternative to Navajo GS. It is assumed that the development of any alternative resource (or portfolio of resources) to replace all or a portion of Navajo GS would occur at the end of a staged transition plan designed to reduce economic disruption. We assume that replacing the federal government's 24.3% share of Navajo GS would be a cooperative responsibility of both the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) and the Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD).

—Jim Leyshon