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In-Depth Study Looks at Solar Installation Workforce

February 1, 2012

Title: Solar Installation Labor Market Analysis
Authors: Barry Friedman, NREL, Philip Jordan, Green LMI Consulting, and John Carrese, San Francisco Bay Area Center of Excellence

Through primary research, including more than 1,425 completed interviews with U.S. solar installation employers, this report offers labor market data and analysis covering current U.S. employment in the sector, expected industry growth, and employer skill preferences and challenges for solar installation-related occupations. Key findings include:

  • Companies prefer experienced workers and are having difficulty finding them. In many cases workers seeking employment do not possess the necessary skill sets or hands-on experience.
  • Critical skills and desired experience include skills and experience in the electrical and construction trades, customer service, and specialized solar knowledge.
  • To be most effective, training programs need to understand local market trends and continue developing partnerships with local solar employers.

—Jim Leyshon