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RFI for Supporting Ongoing Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Demonstration and Validation

April 15, 2011

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Fuel Cell Technologies Program has issued an RFI seeking feedback from stakeholders for ongoing Technology Validation activities aimed at demonstrating and validating fuel cell and hydrogen technologies. Areas of interest include: 1) Innovative concepts for: a) stationary fuel cell systems for residential and commercial applications, including combined heat and power (CHP) and combined cycle operation and b) combined heat, hydrogen, and power (CHHP) co-production fuel cell systems; and 2) Technology Validation projects for other markets.

The Technology Validation activity is an extension of applied R&D efforts and is a key part of the DOE portfolio to demonstrate and validate technologies before the deployment phase. This activity helps identify issues to be addressed in the Program's applied R&D efforts, and it aids in making accurate assessments of the status of the technologies in integrated systems, operating under "real-world" conditions.

Consistent with on-going activities under Technology Validation, DOE is interested in demonstrating and validating innovative concepts and approaches for stationary fuel cells for residential and commercial applications, combined heat, hydrogen, and power (CHHP) systems, and other markets. Some examples of other markets include fuel cell-based auxiliary power units for heavy duty trucks, ships, and aircraft and advanced hydrogen and/or fuel cell-based vehicles, including buses, passenger vans, and light duty vehicles as well as the accompanying infrastructure. The deadline for responses is May 2, 2011. For details, read more on

—Julia Thomas