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JEDI Model Now Includes Concentrating Solar Power

May 14, 2008

NREL's Strategic Energy Analysis and Applications Center has developed several Job and Economic Development Impact (JEDI) models that are easy-to-use, spreadsheet-based tools. Available for download from the Energy Analysis Web site, the JEDI models estimate the economic impacts of constructing and operating power generation plants at the state level.

First developed in 2002 to model wind energy development impacts, JEDI was recently expanded to offer more technologies, including biofuels and concentrating solar power. Running in Excel, users download the appropriate JEDI model and enter basic information about a project, including: the state, location, year of construction, and facility size. Using these data, the model then estimates the project costs and the economic impacts from jobs, earnings, and output.

The estimates that the JEDI models provide are vital tools for policy makers, regulators, investors, and industry professionals. For more information on the models, how to download them, and their applications, visit the JEDI Web page.

—Don Gwinner