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NREL Sponsors Energy Analysis Forum on Carbon Policy Design

November 27, 2007

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) held its fifth Energy Analysis Forum in Golden, Colorado, on November 27-28. "Analytic Insights into Carbon Policy Design and the Implications for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy" attracted a diverse group of analysts interested in carbon policy design and its implications.

Participants at this two-day event, sponsored by NREL's Strategic Energy Analysis and Applications Center (SEAAC), discussed critical analysis needs in the carbon-regulation arena and how they related to energy efficiency and renewable energy. These discussions helped participants identify what analysis, models, and analytic capabilities were necessary to better inform effective decision making in this sector.

The forum sessions were a combination of presentations and group discussions, covering topics related to carbon policy — highlights included regulations and their implications, electric-sector technologies, and transportation and fuel production issues. On the second day, smaller working groups discussed carbon regulations and policies — and identified analytic needs. The final session included a full group discussion on new analytic insights, as well as recommendations for next steps.

Presentations from the forum, as well as background information on the speakers and panelists, are posted on the Energy Analysis Web site. A summary of the two-day event will be posted soon.

Participants also attended a poster session, highlighting some of NREL's models and tools. Those posters are also available on the Web site.