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NREL Author Receives Outstanding Paper Award at Reno Conference

January 23, 2007

Jason Jonkman, a senior engineer at NREL’s National Wind Technology Center (NWTC), received an award for Outstanding Wind Energy Conference Paper for the paper he presented at the 26th ASME Wind Energy Symposium on January 8. The Wind Energy Symposium is part of the AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit held each year in Reno, Nevada. The paper, authored by Jonkman and co-authored by NWTC senior engineer Marshall Buhl Jr., is titled Development and Verification of a Fully Coupled Simulator for Offshore Wind Turbines.

The simulator, developed by Jonkman in FY2005 and 2006, is an analysis tool for modeling floating offshore wind turbines. The fully coupled simulator was developed with enough sophistication to address the limitations of previous frequency and time domain studies and can be used to perform an integrated loads analysis. It is also universal enough to analyze a variety of wind turbine, support platform, and mooring system configurations. The paper describes the theoretical background of the simulator, presents model-to-model comparisons used by the two researchers to verify the simulator, and highlights potential challenges to the design of floating wind turbines through sample response simulations.

The paper is available online (PDF 2 MB). Download Adobe Reader.