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DOE Research Project Yields New Low-Speed Wind Turbine Blade

Nov. 2, 2006

Photo of technicians examining a wind turbine blade.

Knight & Carver technicians examine the new "STAR" wind turbine blade.
Credit: Knight & Carver Wind Blade Division.

Knight & Carver has produced the first in a series of wind turbine blades that, according to the company, "ranks among the industry's most innovative advances in wind energy production." Called the "STAR," for "Sweep Twist Adaptive Rotor," the 90-foot blade is curved to relieve pressure on both the blade and the turbine and features a gently curving tip to capture low-speed winds. Developed with the help of DOE's Sandia National Laboratories as part of a DOE research project, the STAR blade is designed to take maximum advantage of all wind speeds. The new blade was manufactured at Knight & Carver's blade division in San Diego, California, in early November, and will undergo static testing in December.