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NREL Supplies WAPA with Wind Farm Training Simulator

September 15, 2006

The Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) provides electric power system operations training to power system operators and dispatchers throughout the United States and Canada at their Electric Power Training Center (EPTC) in Golden, Colorado. A significant portion of this training is performed with their Miniature Power System (MPS). The MPS is an actual power system consisting of three synchronous generators (scaled up to 500 MW total), five loads, two ties to the western electrical grid, and over 500 miles of transmission lines. To enable WAPA to integrate wind energy into their training program, in September, NREL's National Wind Technology Center supplied WAPA with a wind farm simulator that successfully simulated power delivery to the MPS grid from a time series file of real wind farm data for a 50-MW wind farm. After the EPTC staff converts the NREL Labview code that controls the wind farm simulator to their PLC based code, the unit will be available for training.