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Greeley's Maplewood Middle School Stellar in Solar Car Race

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Golden, Colo., May. 12, 2001 - Students from Greeley's Maplewood Middle School built the fastest model solar car and won the Junior Solar Sprint at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) today. A team from Lyons Middle School won top honors for design.

Thirty-seven teams from across Colorado entered the 20-meter race, which gave students the opportunity to show off their engineering and design skills by building and racing model solar-powered vehicles.

Trophies for the fastest cars were given to students racing Maplewood Middle School's car 33, "Golden Commando," first place; Sinclair Middle School's car 21, "The Flyer," second place; Eagle Valley Middle School's car 5, "King Louis II," third place; North Valley Middle School's car 4, "Nameless," fourth place; and Sinclair Middle School's car 22, "Hogs Breath," fifth place.

Five design trophies based on technology, craftsmanship and innovation were given to teams from Lyons Middle Schools car 10, first place; Monarch K-8 School's car 16, "Solar Flyer," second place; South Valley Middle School's car 23, "Pride of South Valley #1," third place; Maple Grove Elementary's car 12, fourth place; and North Valley Middle School's car 18, "Speed Demon," fifth place.

Each team started with a motor and a silicon solar cell, which converts light into electricity. Using any other materials, competitors designed and built vehicles no larger than 12 inches wide, 24 inches long and 12 inches high.

The Energy Department began the Junior Solar Sprint 11 years ago to teach young people about renewable energy and the environment. NREL and Kaiser-Hill sponsored today's competition.

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