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New Guide Helps Industry Link with Department of Energy Labs

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Golden, Colo., May. 4, 2001 - Working with U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) laboratories became easier with the recent release of the guide, Doing Business with the Laboratories of the Laboratory Coordinating Council. The guide explains how the DOE's Laboratory Coordinating Council gives U.S. industry access to a "virtual" laboratory that can be tailored to meet specific requirements for collaborative endeavors.

The council of 16 laboratories created the guide to help American industry and others understand how to take advantage of the expertise offered by the laboratories. The guide includes a detailed list of each laboratory's areas of expertise, how to contact the laboratories and examples that illustrate how the new approach works. A key goal is to make the laboratories more accessible to potential users.

Find the guide online at http://www.oit.doe.gov/LCC/doing_business.shtml. Readers of the guide are encouraged to send comments, suggestions and questions to the LCC at DoingBusiness@nrel.gov. More information about the LCC can be found on the Web.

The DOE's Office of Industrial Technologies within the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office works closely with nine energy-intensive industries to help create visions and support development of technology roadmaps. These nine "Industries of the Future" are agriculture, aluminum, chemicals, forest products, glass, metalcasting, mining, petroleum and steel. Laboratory resources are available to help American companies address new opportunities, improve resource efficiency and develop new technologies for processes within the Industries of the Future program. Sixteen DOE laboratories, including the 11 national laboratories, collaborate in the LCC to offer scientific and technological skills to support the growth and success of American process industries.

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