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NREL Publications Win Awards

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Golden, Colo., April 17, 1998 — Six publications written at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory earned international awards from the Society for Technical Communications (STC). The awards were part of STC's International Technical Publications Competition.

Fifteen publications (including the six international winners) also won awards in STC's Rocky Mountain Chapter's annual Publications, Art & Online Competition. The awards recognize excellence and creativity in relaying complex technical concepts in written and online communications.

STC is the world's largest professional society dedicated to the advancement of technical communications. The society's worldwide membership includes 20,000 writers, editors, illustrators, printers, publishers, educators, students, engineers and scientists employed in technological fields.

The following list organized by winning category includes publication titles and project teams. The first six publications listed are the international award winners. Selected publications are available in portable document format (PDF). Learn about PDF.


From Molecules... To Materials... And More, The Center for Measurements and Characterization—Gary Cook, Linda Bolander, Don Gwinner, Deb Braun, Devon Colson
Energy Savers Tips on Saving Energy and Money at Home (PDF 939 KB)—Kathy O'Dell, Susan Sczepanski, Loni MacRae, Paula Pitchford, Jim Jones


The Dawn of a New Era: National Center for Photovoltaics (PDF 3,379 KB)—Erik Ness, Deb Braun, Linda Bolander, Noni Strawn, Don Gwinner
Electricity When and Where You Need It: From the Sun (Photovoltaics for Farms & Ranches) (PDF 6,758 KB)—Don Gwinner, Deb Braun, Pat Weis-Taylor
NREL International Programs (PDF 740 KB)—Alfred Hicks, Don Gwinner, Noni Strawn
Photovoltaics: Basic Design Principles and Components (PDF 309 KB)—Kara Stewart; Kathy O'Dell; Mark Swisher, D&I Communications
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Solar Cells and Materials—Howard Brown, Don Gwinner, Pam Brown, Susan Moon, Ann Hansen, Stuart Smoller


Dollars from Sense: The Economic Benefits of Renewable Energy—Erik Ness, Susan Sczepanski
Photovoltaics Can Add Capacity to the Utility Grid—Don Gwinner, Deb Braun
Time for World Class Solutions: Center for Transportation Technologies and Systems—Rene Howard, Dean Armstrong, Debbie Brodt
Wind Energy Information Guide—Kristin Tromly, Pat Weis-Taylor
Wind Energy Program Overview, Fiscal Years 1995 & 1996—Kristin Tromly; Julie Phillips, J.A. Phillips and Associates; Leslie Dunlap, L.B. Stevens


Clean Energy for a Sustainable Future—Ann Brennan, Ray David
"Planting for Power in Central New York" (for Biologue)—Susan Moon, Stuart Smoller, Jon Leedholm
"Sowing Seed, Planting Trees, Producing Power" (for Solar Today)—Susan Moon, Stuart Smoller


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