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Kutscher Elected Future Chair of American Solar Energy Society

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Golden, Colo., Jan. 14, 1998 — Dr. Chuck Kutscher of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) was elected future chair of the American Solar Energy Society. Starting this month, he will serve as vice-chair/chair-elect for two years and then serve a two-year term as chair beginning January 2000.

"I'm excited to have the opportunity to be chair at the turn of the century—a time when the environmental impacts of energy finally seem to be getting the attention they deserve," Kutscher said. "As the century ends, many renewable energy technologies are beginning to achieve mainstream acceptance, and ASES has taken steps to play an active role in getting the message out."

Kutscher, a team leader in NREL's Center for Buildings and Thermal Systems, has been a member of ASES for 20 years and served on the board of directors for two. The Center for Buildings and Thermal Systems evaluates existing building technologies and develops new cost-effective and environmentally friendly technologies that improve energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energy.

"I intend to continue to strengthen ASES' involvement in the public arena, while maintaining our reputation for providing accurate technical information that energy professionals and decision-makers can rely on," Kutscher said.

ASES, a national organization headquartered in Boulder, is dedicated to advancing the use of solar energy. Founded in 1954, ASES has more than 6,000 members and associates including engineers, architects, scientists, educators, builders, planners and homeowners. For more information, visit the ASES Web site.


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