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Sunrayce 97 Finish Sets Records

For more information contact:
Patrick Booher, Sunrayce Program Manager
(202) 586-0713

Colorado Springs, Colo. -- Under sunny skies that have followed the race since its beginning in Indianapolis,, Sunrayce 97 roared to a record finish in Colorado Springs. Winning the event overall was California State University - Los Angeles with a record setting pace averaging 43:29 mph over the entire distance. Cal State - L.A. had a total elapsed time of 28:41:24 hours. Massachusetts Institute of Technology was a close second with a total time of 29:00:20 hours, followed by Stanford University/UC - Berkeley at 29:33:15 hours. In fourth was Texas A&M with a time of 29:47:21 hours.

On today's leg of the race, which began in Limon, Colo., Stanford University/UC-Berkeley came in first, followed closely by the University of Waterloo, and the University of Minnesota.

The event started in Indianapolis, Indiana, on June 19th and traveled over 1,200 miles to Colorado Springs using only solar energy for power. Thirty-six solar vehicles started and thirty-five vehicles crossed the finish line making it one of the largest fields to have successfully completed a Sunrayce. Race officials chalked up the results to great preparation on the part of the students and on the especially good weather for solar vehicles.

(See Sunrayce Website for the official race results for the day.)