Sunrayce 97 Continues

Day 7 - Smith Center to St. Francis

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St. Francis, Kan. -- It was a close race for the top three places on the 7th day of Sunrayce 97, with the University of Minnesota in first place with a time of 3:27.48. Coming in on their heels was Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a time of 3:28:38, with California State University - Los Angeles (3:39:22) taking third.

California State University - Los Angeles is in first place overall with a time of 24:10:56. MIT is second at 24:35:48, and third is Stanford University/UC- Berkeley at 25:05:12.

When asked to what they attribute their success, California State University - Los Angeles driver and team leader Roman Vasquez says, "We haven't had any problems. The car's been running great. It's a solid car. We may not have the fastest or most efficient vehicle in the race, but we have reliability on our side."

On a disappointing note, George Washington University was forced to withdraw from the race yesterday due to suspension problems. The team was presented an "Inspector's Award" today for their professionalism, teamwork and sportsmanship under difficult circumstances. The team worked as a group in arriving at their decision to withdraw from the competition.

Sunrayce 97 is a solar cross-country event that runs from Indianapolis to Colorado Springs, Colo. The 10-day event passes through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado and is sponsored by and the U.S. Department of Energy, EDS and General Motors.

(See Sunrayce Website for the official race results for the day.)