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Sunrayce 97 Continues

Day 6 - Manhattan to Smith Center

For more information contact:
Patrick Booher, Sunrayce Program Manager
(202) 586-0713

Smith Center, Kan.- --Racing across the heartland of Kansas at 46.11 mph, Massachusetts Institute of Technology came from an 11th place start to win racing day 6. Their time (3:25:53) lifted them from 4th overall to 3rd. Rolling in 2nd for the day was the University of Minnesota (3:52:43), followed by Stanford University/UC - Berkeley (3:39:02). "The lead teams were smokin'," said Bill Dye, Sunrayce Co-Director. "They were running near the speed limits all day. The good sun and open road conditions made this the fastest average speed segment of the race so far." The route today covered 150 miles.

Going into the final three days of competition, California State University - Los Angeles is in 1st overall with a time of 20:50:34, Stanford University/UC-Berkeley is second at 21:12:01, and third is Massachusetts Institute of Technology at 21:20:10. In an unusually tight grouping the top 5 teams are only an hour or less from the lead. But, as evidenced in the past few days, the lead can quickly change hands as weather factors and technical problems crop up.

Sunrayce 97 is a solar cross-country event that runs from Indianapolis to Colorado Springs, Colo. The 10-day event will pass through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado and is sponsored by EDS, General Motors, and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Sunrayce 97 will end this Saturday in Colorado Springs. The final leg will start in Limon, Colo., and run to Old Colorado City with the finish at Bancroft Park.

(See Sunrayce Website for the official race results for the day.)