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Sunrayce 97 Continues

Day 3 - Godfrey to Fulton

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Fulton, Mo., June 21, 1997 -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) took Day III and the overall lead as Sunrayce 97 completed its third day of running. The elapsed time for the day for the Manta GT was 4:04:30. Second place went to California State University - Los Angeles, 4:06:37. The two teams are still neck-in-neck with only 15:38 separating them in the overall standings. Although University of Michigan came in third place today with a time of 4:09:17, University of Waterloo took third place in the overall standings.

Ivano Gregoratto, MIT's driver was pleased with the win. According to Gregoratto, "today we did a very good job. We had a good communication system between the three vehicles. We fixed all the bugs."

The daily Teamwork and Safety award went to Auburn University. The team was lauded for allowing others to pass in a safe manner. University of North Dakota and South Dakota School of Mines and Technology shared the daily Sportsmanship award for a quick response to traffic conditions.

Sunrayce 97 continues Sunday with a 157 mile stretch to Lee's Summit, Mo., with a midday stop in California, Mo.

Sunrayce 97 is a solar cross-country event that runs from Indianapolis to Colorado Springs, Colo. The 10-day event will pass through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado and is sponsored by EDS, General Motors, and the U.S. Department of Energy.

(See Sunrayce Website for the official race results for the day.)