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Companies Selected for Small Wind Turbine Project

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Golden, Colo., Nov. 27, 1996 -- In an effort to develop cost-effective, low-maintenance wind turbine systems, the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has selected four companies to participate in the Small Wind Turbine Project.

The four companies are Windlite Co., Mountain View, Calif.; World Power Technologies, Duluth, Minn.; Cannon/Wind Eagle Corp., Tehachapi, Calif.; and Bergey Windpower Co., Norman, Okla.

Small wind turbine systems, which range from 5 to 40 kilowatts maximum power, are used for a broad range of applications, particularly in remote sites where the systems have to perform effectively and reliably over a long period of time without maintenance.

The companies will negotiate with NREL for awards of cost-shared subcontracts with a total estimated value of $4.5 million.

The companies will design, build and test prototype small wind turbine systems to be field tested at NREL's National Wind Technology Center to evaluate system performance and reliability. This project is part of DOE's Wind Turbine Research Program that helps U.S. industry develop and apply cutting-edge wind turbine and subsystem technologies for domestic and international wind energy markets through cost-shared industry partnerships.

DOE Program Contact: Stan Calvert, 202/586-8021
DOE Public Affairs: Hope Williams, 202/586-5806