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Sunrayce Returns to Indianapolis Today

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Tom Sheffler 810/685-5374
Syl Morgan-Smith 303/275-3001
Terry Monrad 303/275-4096

Indianapolis, IN, April 27, 1996 -- Sunrayce 97 officially began today when more than 400 university students from throughout North America gathered in Indianapolis.

Students from four Indiana Universities -- Rose-Hulman, Notre Dame, Purdue and Taylor University -- joined future Sunrayce competitors from more than 50 other universities in the Sunrayce 97 workshop, where they reviewed regulations, attended seminars and shared Rayce information.

Sunrayce 97 sponsors -- General Motors, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and EDS -- organized the two-day session. Four Sunrayce 95 cars from Rose-Hulman, Western Michigan, Purdue and Ohio State were on display at the meeting.

Brian Castelli, a senior DOE official and Sunrayce 97 co-chairman, praised the industry/government partnership which sponsors the event. In a welcome address, Castelli praised GM's and EDS' leadership, and challenged the students to have fun while designing the high-tech cars which will compete in next year's event.

Tom Sheffler, General Motors Manager of Public Relations and Sunrayce co-director, said, "These bright students will lead us into the future by bringing these applied technologies closer to the marketplace."

The green flag will be waved for the nation's largest cross-country solar car race on June 19, 1997, in ceremonies in Indianapolis. Sunrayce 95, which featured 38 cars from universities throughout North America, also began in Indianapolis. Last year's race followed a 1,250-mile course to Golden, Colorado. The 1997 event will basically follow the same route, ending 10 days later in Colorado Springs.


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