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Research Projects

Explore NREL's capabilities, impacts, and partnerships in advanced manufacturing research through these projects.

Photo of men working on turbine blades in a dome-shaped building.

Advanced Thermoplastic Resins for Manufacturing Wind Turbine Blades

At its Composites Manufacturing Education and Technology facility, NREL produced blade components for a wind turbine to be infused with a novel thermoplastic resin.

Photo of a man in a laboratory watching the end spool on a web line used for manufacturing.

Materials Flows through Industry Supply Chain Modeling Tool

NREL developed a modeling tool for evaluating ways to improve material and energy impacts in commodity supply chains.

Flowchart image labeled 'Value Chain for Clean Energy Technologies'.

Benchmark Study of Global Clean Energy Manufacturing

A Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center benchmark study has isolated and quantified the economic impacts of the clean energy manufacturing sectors.

Photo of a man wearing safety glasses and standing next to a computer monitor in a lab

Thermo-Mechanical Analysis for John Deere Electronics Solutions

For a hybrid wheel loader developed by John Deere, NREL performed a thermo-mechanical analysis on a power module and inverter enclosure design.

Photo of a man operating laboratory equipment, specifically a boiling vessel with cooling loops.

Grid-Integrated Electric Drive Analysis for The Ohio State University

NREL performed thermal management analysis and simulation on a high-speed, grid-integrated electric drive developed by the university.

Photo of a male researcher holding a plastic bottle that he's squeezing to apply a liquid on a plate below lab equipment.

Wide-Bandgap MOSFET Research with Virginia Tech Graduate Students

NREL and Virginia Tech are collaborating on power electronic device research involving wide bandgap-based, metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistors.

Photo of the NREL Energy Information Systems Integration Facility's roof, which features a CHP system.

Combined Heat and Power Protocol for Uniform Methods Project

NREL developed a protocol for estimating energy impacts from combined heat and power systems at the customer side of the meter.

Photo of a cell phone tower with the sun rising behind it.

Cell-Phone Tower Power System Prototype Testing for Verizon Wireless

For the company, NREL tested a cell-phone tower power system based on DC interconnection and photovoltaics.