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Advisory Committee

The U.S. Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Database established an advisory committee to provide technical and financial guidance to the NREL database management team.

The committee will provide informed input into NREL's decisions on:

  • Business planning to estimate future costs for maintenance of the Web site, the critical review process, reviewing and updating modules as necessary (on at least a five-year cycle), and potential funding options
  • Participation in the critical review process on timing, costs, level of detail, treatment of data, etc.
  • Resolution of technical issues and maintenance of the Data Development Guidelines to ensure best practice and compatibility with international standards
  • Assessing and responding to user feedback to ensure that the database meets the needs of data providers, direct data users, and the ultimate users of information based on the data
  • Providing guidance on the direction of the database project to best align with related projects and future trends
  • Developing and implementing appropriate communications and funding programs.

The committee is composed of 11 members from different stakeholder groups:

  • Dr. Shawn Hunter, Dow
  • Dr. Pascal Lesage, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
  • Dr. Scott Matthews, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Dr. Andreas Ciroth, GreenDeltaTC
  • Ms. Beverly Sauer, Franklin Associates, ERG
  • Dr. Gregory Norris, Sylvatica
  • Dr. Mary Ann Curran, USEPA
  • Dr. Rita Schenck, IERE
  • Ms. Martha Stevenson, NGO
  • Dr. Bruce Vigon, SETAC
  • Dr. Thomas Gloria, Industrial Ecology Consultants (Chairperson)

For a listing of current program collaborators, visit the program stakeholders page.