About the LCI Database Project

The U.S. Life Cycle Inventory (USLCI) Database is a publicly available database that allows users to objectively review and compare analysis results that are based on similar data collection and analysis methods.

Finding consistent and transparent life cycle inventory data for life cycle assessments is difficult. NREL works with life cycle assessment experts to solve this problem by providing a central source of critically reviewed life cycle inventory data through its USLCI Database Project. NREL's USLCI management team worked closely with government stakeholders, and industry partners to develop the database. The 2009 U.S. Life Cycle Inventory Data Stakeholder meeting was an important step in the ongoing improvement of the database. Prior to that event, NREL conducted a poll of current and potential users of the database to help guide meeting discussions and produce user feedback. Read more about the project's goals and findings from the 2009 Stakeholder Meeting in the U.S. Life Cycle Inventory Database Roadmap.

Initial Development

This USLCI Database Project was initiated on May 1, 2001, and gained national prominence at a meeting of interests hosted by the Ford Motor Company. Funding agencies and representatives of industrial, academic, and consulting communities voiced strong support for the project. As a result, an advisory group with 45 representatives from manufacturing, government, and non-government organizations, as well as life cycle assessment experts, worked together to create the U.S. LCI Database Project Development Guidelines.


The database has been supported by a variety of different stakeholders. These stakeholders actively participated in or funded some aspect of the database's development since its launch in 2001. See a list of project supporters and collaborators.

Project Management Team

Learn about the researchers who developed and maintain the USLCI Database and their professional backgrounds in life cycle analysis.