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New Web Application for International Sites

Before downloading one of the toolkits, note that a number of the countries listed below that have a geospatial toolkit also have a Renewable Energy Data Explorer (RED-E) web application that holds similar and additional geospatial data. For the available countries, we strongly recommend using the online tool version. The versions listed below are included for backwards compatibility. See which countries have a RED-E and access the tool here.

If you are not finding what you are looking for, please visit NREL's International Data Resources web page.

Geospatial Toolkit

The Geospatial Toolkit is an NREL-developed map-based software application that integrates resource data and other geographic information systems (GIS) data for integrated resource assessment. The non-resource, country-specific data for each toolkit comes from a variety of agencies within each country as well as from global datasets.

Funding for the toolkit was provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Department of State (DOS), and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Originally developed in 2005, the Geospatial Toolkit was completely redesigned and re-released in November 2010 to provide a more modern, easier-to-use interface with considerably faster analytical querying capabilities. The revised version of the Geospatial Toolkit has been released for all original toolkit countries/regions and each software package is listed in the table below.

Download Geospatial Toolkits

Country File Size Last Updated Funding Source
Afghanistan (EXE 136.0 MB) October 2013 USAID
Bangladesh (EXE 63.2 MB) October 2013 UNEP, USAID
Bhutan (EXE 49.8 MB) October 2013 USAID
Brazil (EXE 348.5 MB) October 2013 UNEP
Cambodia (EXE 147.7 MB) October 2013 USAID
China (Hebei) (EXE 68.8 MB) October 2013 EPA, UNEP, USDOE
El Salvador (EXE 57.1 MB) October 2013 UNEP
Ghana (EXE 82.5 MB) October 2013 EPA
Guatemala (EXE 83.6 MB) October 2013 UNEP
Honduras (EXE 96.8 MB) October 2013 UNEP
India (EXE 131.0 MB) October 2013 USDOE, USDOS
Indonesia (EXE 564.1 MB) October 2013 USAID
Kenya (EXE 206.7 MB) December 2015 USAID
Malaysia (EXE 186.4 MB) October 2013 USAID
Nepal (EXE 67.6 MB) October 2013 UNEP, USAID
Nicaragua (EXE 90.4 MB) October 2013 UNEP
Mexico (Oaxaca) (EXE 91.6 MB) October 2013 SWERA
Pakistan (EXE 112.9 MB) October 2013 USAID
Philippines (EXE 926.5 MB) February 2015 USAID
Sri Lanka (EXE 95.0 MB) October 2013 USAID, UNEP
Thailand (EXE 280.4 MB) December 2013 USAID
Turkey (EXE 151.2 MB) October 2013 USTDA
Vietnam (EXE 228.0 MB) October 2013 USAID
Vietnam (Thanh Hoa) (EXE 152.8 MB) March 2016 USAID

The Geospatial Toolkit also integrates HOMER for all countries, an optimization model for distributed power. However, custom HOMER application files have not been developed for all countries. Due to the toolkit's integration with HOMER, the application is only available on Windows platforms. Please consult the "help" file integrated into the application for specific information on how to use the tool. The Geospatial Toolkit is released under the GNU General Public License license—we have provided the source code (ZIP 47.8 MB).


Please contact Nick Grue for software technical assistance, comments, or suggestions.