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NREL's scientists and analysts conduct clean energy initiatives around the world to support three key international strategic objectives: economic development, energy security, and environmental protection at home and abroad. NREL's international work spans our full range of capabilities, which includes three primary areas of expertise: research and development, energy analysis, and commercialization and technology transfer.

NREL collaborates with technical institutions and governments around the world to strengthen clean energy markets by conducting resource and technology assessments, sharing policy best practices, fostering business and investment partnerships, and building capacity through training and technical support. We also collaborate on testing and analyzing energy efficiency and renewable energy systems, sharing performance data and simulation models, and conducting fundamental research cooperation.

Sponsors and Partners

NREL conducts its international programs in support of many U.S. agencies—including the Department of Energy, Agency for International Development, Department of State, Environmental Protection Agency, Millennium Challenge Corporation, Overseas Private Development Investment Corporation, as well as numerous international sponsors and partners, including the United Nations (UN) agencies, the Australian government, Global Green Growth Institute, International Renewable Energy Agency, International Energy Agency, International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation, regional development banks, and many others.

Please contact John Barnett for more information on NREL's international work.

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