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NREL Spectrum of Innovation Video (Text Version)

Below is the text version of the NREL Spectrum of Innovation video.

"…renewable energy is a national imperative…"
"…This breakthrough technology will…"
"…we are still looking for an innovative material that will…"
"…we need a study to determine…"
"…the right people need to work together…"
"…competing priorities mean we cannot…"

There are many voices calling for a future of abundant, clean energy. The choices are many…and the challenges are daunting. How will we get there?

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory integrates the entire spectrum of innovation, including Fundamental Science, Market-Relevant Research, Systems Integration, Testing and Validation, Commercialization, and Deployment.

The innovation process at NREL is interdependent and iterative. Many scientific breakthroughs begin in our own laboratories. But new ideas and technologies come to NREL at any point along the innovation spectrum to be validated and refined for commercial use.

NREL'S leadership role in clean-energy decision science and analysis informs every stage of the innovation process. Our data, models, and tools are used to guide research, development, and deployment; policy formulation, and technology and investment decisions.

FUNDAMENTAL SCIENCE — our scientists unlock the secrets of energy-related physical and biological materials.

MARKET-RELEVANT RESEARCH — our researchers couple scientific discovery with market need, focusing on transformative technologies

SYSTEMS INTEGRATION — NREL's energy systems integration research optimizes the design and performance of electrical, thermal, and fuel systems to integrate renewable technologies into existing energy systems.

TESTING AND VALIDATION — We help transition products rapidly from development into production by demonstrating and validating working prototypes and systems.

COMMERCIALIZATION — NREL collaborates with companies to develop successful clean energy products.

DEPLOYMENT — NREL helps communities, industry and government bring proven products and technologies into widespread use.

Our state-of-the-art Laboratory of the Future in Golden, Colorado, is a model of sustainability that demonstrates the effectiveness and value of cutting-edge technologies.

Transforming our energy systems requires an integrated, market-oriented approach.

NREL is at the center of this transformation—leading across the spectrum of clean-energy innovation to advance a future of cost-effective, secure, and sustainable energy systems.