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Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies Program

Through its Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies Program, NREL researches, develops, analyzes, and validates fuel cell and hydrogen production, delivery, and storage technologies for transportation, stationary, and portable applications.

A researcher working on roll-to-roll equipment in the Energy Systems Fabrication Lab

Led by Laboratory Program Manager Keith Wipke, these cross-cutting efforts build on NREL research in photovoltaics, bioenergy, transportation, wind, buildings, and chemical and materials science.

NREL works in partnership with industry, academia, and other research organizations to address the key challenges facing the widespread commercialization of renewable hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. NREL also works with national and international standards development organizations to ensure the safe operation, handling, and use of hydrogen via the development of codes and standards for buildings, components, systems, and vehicles.

NREL's hydrogen and fuel cell research supports the Fuel Cell Technologies Office at the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.