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WinHPC System User Basics

If you are a new WinHPC system user, follow this guidance for starting to use this high-performance computing (HPC) system at NREL.

Also see WinHPC policies.

Requesting an Account

Before you can use the WinHPC system, you’ll need an account. To request a user account, contact us.

Once the account has been created, an email with the details below will be sent to the user as a reminder for future reference.

There are a limited number of simultaneous connections available to the WinHPC systems. Please remember to save any work and log out of the system (via the Start menu) when you are finished. Simply quitting Remote Desktop will keep your session active and using resources unnecessarily. Your disconnected session may be automatically logged out which could result in the loss of unsaved work.

Using Remote Desktop

1.  Open Remote Desktop Connection and connect to WinHPC02 (the login node).  

2.  Log in with your username/password.  Remember to log out when finished. 

1.  If you don't have Microsoft Remote Desktop on your Mac already, install it from the App Store:

2.  Once installed, start Microsoft Remote Desktop and click the New button to add a connection.  Configure the profile as such:

Screenshot of configuration.

3.  After you exit the profile configuration screen you may open the connection by double-clicking it or selecting it and choosing Start.

Note: You may receive a "certificate not trusted" warning. If you do, simply click on the Connect button to continue.

Remember to log out when finished.