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WinHPC System Policies

Learn about NREL’s policies for using its Windows HPC (WinHPC) cluster.

The WinHPC login node (WinHPC02) is intended to allow users with approved access to connect to the system and start jobs through the HPC Job Manager.  Applications such as Ansys & MATLAB can also be run from the login node.

There is a single login node for this system so any applications requiring high CPU utilization or large amounts of memory should be run on the worker nodes.  WinHPC02 is not available for any jobs to be executed.

The D: drive can be used to temporarily save files.  It is not meant for long-term storage.  If a need for longer-term storage that requires larger space requirements, please contact us to request access to the mass storage system.

To correctly log out of the Windows session, go to Start > Log Off.  Closing the connection via the X in the top right corner of the screen only disconnects the session but leaves it logged in and applications running.

User accounts and associated data are removed when NREL worker status is discontinued. Users should make arrangements to save or move data before completing work at NREL.

MATLAB is a commonly-used application on WinHPC, however there are only two network licenses available on the system.  If there is ever an error message related to "No Available Licenses", please understand that the licenses are currently in use by other users.  Licenses are returned to the license pool when other users close the application or after four hours idle.  Please be considerate of other users and log out of the application when not actively using it.