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Direct SSH Gateway Access to Peregrine

Directly access Peregrine from your office, lab, or home.

Many tightly-secured facilities do not allow outside VPN software or connections to external VPNs. The login node allows direct SSH access to Peregrine for users outside of NREL. The SSH Gateway (, does not provide direct access, making some processes more challenging.


Before you can access, you must have:

Logging into

With your HPC account and your configured OTP token generator ready, simply SSH to


When you connect, you will be prompted for Password+OTP_Token


If your password is perfectNorth-Nov11 
and the token reads 123456 
you would type: perfectNorth-Nov11123456 

screenshot image of notice to users

Upon successful login, you'll be presented with a local system message and a prompt from which you can begin using Peregrine.

screenshot image listing a few HPC policies

8-hour Session Limits and Maintenance

This system is patched regularly and connection interruptions may occur. Additionally, there is an 8-hour connection time limit. We recommend taking advantage of tools such as tmux and screen for session management that will accommodate the ephemeral nature of Internet connected sessions.