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Requesting Different Nodes Types When Submitting Jobs on the Peregrine System

To request a specific type of node, you may use the "feature" option on your resource request. Options available include:

**We have removed end-of-life nodes from Peregrine. See below for changes.

qsub Option Nodes in Peregrine Node Description  
-l feature=16core 432 16-core 'SandyBridge' nodes  
-l feature=64GB 288 24-core, 64GB 'IvyBridge' nodes  
-l feature=256GB 56 16-core, 256 GB 'SandyBridge' nodes  
-l feature=24core 1008 24-core, 32GB 'IvyBridge' nodes  
-l feature=haswell 1238 24-core, 64GB 'Haswell' nodes  

If no features are specified, the job will run on first available node type in the queue requested. If no queue is requested the job will be assigned to batch-h. All nodes assigned to a single job are of the same type. Learn more about queues and scheduling policies.