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NREL's Next Generation HPC System

This site contains technical information related to the procurement of NREL's next-generation HPC system.

NOTICE: A solicitation notice was posted on FedBizOpps on Friday September 8, 2017:

Peregrine Workload Analysis


Benchmark tar files:

Tarfile MD5 checksums:

Bonnie.tgz: 71da7265ed7b6ddbfeeae2e2fc6208d0

Gaussian.tgz: replaced with Gaussian_v2.tgz: 9caf882f651a20ab04ac26715cf143b6

HiBench.tgz: 360cae4c10a1158612bff37235dfc935

HPGMG.tgz: d86a1bbfc4893a37dbfb94daceef91a9

HPL.tgz: 5b7a0e7ff7299641080da36a786274af

IMB.tgz: d56232c50c7c65c37ac868959c2bb5db

IOR.tgz: d382091cee073cd03f9105c0785c1162

Lammps.tgz: replaced with Lammps_v2.tgz: 6ce55190561a38f56c782b5a3e793c1b

mdtest.tgz: 2c27aa61a9ff3c74960e1e6661102dea

Nalu.tgz: 0b93d7cafef9c814caf3d81a9fa3c4e7

SHOC.tgz: e9c2bcc68a3fec3f373b7f1cbe99b04b

STREAM.tgz: 107115e1f423d42bf6c57d692ca4aec4

VASP.tgz: 8a622466f477a68a30fa840d52e0e154

Benchmark Instructions document

Benchmark Reporting spreadsheet

A pre-solicitation notice was posted on FedBizOpps Tuesday August 2:

August 1, 2017 - Release of draft technical specifications and benchmarks, and Peregrine workload analysis.

Draft Technical Specifications


August 9, 2017

August 16, 2017

August 21, 2017

August 24, 2017

August 25, 2017