Using MATLAB Software on the Eagle System

Learn how to use MATLAB software on the Eagle system.

Running MATLAB in Batch Mode

Details on how to run MATLAB scripts in batch mode. Steps are illustrated by a simple example.

Running MATLAB Interactively

How to run interactively using either a terminal or FastX. 

Using the Parallel Computing Toolbox

Toolbox used to run parallel MATLAB code on a single, multi-core compute node. Use of the toolbox is demonstrated via a parallel "hello world" example and a Monte Carlo example that leverages MATLAB's parfor command.

Understanding Versions and Licenses

Learn about the MATLAB software versions and licenses available for use.

Additional Resources

If you're an NREL user, on GitHub view MATLAB presentations and code examples.

For all users, see a summary PowerPoint deck on the MATLAB Compiler, MATLAB Coder, and MATLAB Engine for Python.