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Installing and Setting Up Git Software Tool on Windows

Learn how to set up the Git software tool on Windows for use with the Eagle system.

Git is great for tracking code changes and generally protecting your code from accidental loss or errors. It's also a great way to keep all your changes coordinated between your development and run environments.

Learn how to get git installed on Windows 7, and how to get things set up on NREL's github server (It'll work just the same for, too!)

Download the git software.

Install the git software by opening the downloaded .exe file. Accept all the defaults. This should only take a minute or so.

We assume you'll want keep all your projects somewhere. In this example, we'll put our work in a "projects" folder inside the "Documents" folder. You'll have the option to use either the GIT GUI (graphical user interface) or the GIT bash options. We also assume you'll want to start-off using the GUI.

In our example, we've created the projects folder.

Well start in our "projects" folder.

Right-click in the "projects" folder and select the "Git Gui" option.

When the Git Gui window appears, click on the 'Help' menu item, and select the 'Show SSH Key' option.

Click the 'Copy to Clipboard' button and the Close.

Now that you have a account, you'll want to add that key into github. To do so, click on:

YourUserID > Edit your Profile > SSH Keys > Add SSH Key

Paste the content of your into the "Add an SSH Key" Key field, give it a Title, and save it. Now, you're ready to start pulling and pushing your files around.