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Transferring files between filesystems using Globus

June 04, 2019

Globus is the recommended method to transfer files between clusters.  

For example, to copy/transfer files from Peregrine /scratch to Eagle /projects use nrel#globus as the source and nrel#eglobus1 as the destination.  Then for the source path specify /scratch/<your_path> and for the destination path specify /projects/<your_path>.

If you need to move data (rather than copy) between /scratch and /projects on Eagle, using the "mv" command is the most efficient way to move files between those two filesystems.

Below is a table that shows a breakdown of which Globus endpoints are associated with which cluster.

Cluster Globus Endpoint Path
Peregrine nrel#globus /projects (Peregrine projects)
Peregrine             nrel#globus /scratch (Peregrine scratch)
Eagle nrel#eglobus1, nrel#eglobus2, nrel#eglobus3          /projects (Eagle projects)
Eagle nrel#eglobus1, nrel#eglobus2, nrel#eglobus3 /scratch (Eagle scratch)

More information on using Globus: