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Tip of the Month: Transitioning Python2 to Python3

January 14, 2020

Dear NREL HPC users, if you currently use Python2 in your workflow, this is a reminder that Python2 will no longer be supported after January 1st 2020. If you haven't considered beginning to port your Python2 coding to Python3, now would be a good time to start that effort. Python2 will officially retire and all support will be be focused on Python3. For a countdown on python 2.7 being dropped from support, see website on Python.  Some helpful links covering transitioning Python2 to Python3 can be followed here: 

Q: What might I expect if I continue to use Python2 on the systems?

A: Python2 will continue to work, however, if you run into security issues or require assistance on configuration problems, it is likely there will be little or no ongoing support. 

Q: Will there be a limitation on Python module availability between Python2 and Python3?

A: Yes, there are modules in Python3 that are not compatible with Python2.

Please consider transitioning to Python3 at your earliest convenience.