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Remote access to Eagle/HPC alternatives

April 24, 2020

For users who wish to connect to the Eagle system resources, particularly where we are all working remotely, some reminders of connection options may be of assistance. Please be aware that if you are connected to the NREL VPN you will need to use the full domain name for proper access to Eagle, for example or If you are not using the NREL VPN, then you will need to connect using and External access to these systems will require using a "mulitfactor" token which is provided upon request from HPC Operations (see Multifactor Tokens page). Access to the systems is typically achieved through 'ssh' sessions (see SSH Gateway page) and your manner of interface will depend upon whether you are using a MAC or Win10 computer. Please review the options for connection on our website's System Connection page. There is also the alternative of connecting to the DAV (Data Analysis and Visualization) systems through a web based interface using FastX. Details can be found on our website's Software Development Tools section on the FastX page.