New to HPC - Get Help

Oct. 16, 2022

Support Contact Information:

  • HPC Help - for general HPC assistance, requests, troubleshooting technical problems, you can either use or Contact us (generates an email to HPC-Help).  Please include the project handle and username(s) in the email and/or any relevant information that will help us to identify and troubleshoot the issue.
  • HPC Requests - for HPC questions related to the allocation request, increases/decreases to AUs or storage, please email

Additional Help Resources:

  • CSC Tutorials Team -  Staff in the Computational Science Center host multiple tutorials and workshops on various computational science topics throughout the year, such as Visualization, Cloud, HPC, and others. In Microsoft Teams, a “Computational Sciences Tutorials” public team was just created to be the hub for all such tutorials and workshops. 
  • HPC Website - Resources to get access to systems, basics on getting started and running jobs, accounts and allocation information, and refer to our policies.
  • HPC Office Hours - Virtual, real-time assistance; bring your HPC related questions or issues and discuss with technical staff and other users every other week alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • HPC GitHub Repository and HPC Github Pages - Resources to improve the user experience for both novices and veterans. The repository contains a collection of code examples, executables, and utilities.  The Github Pages site provide more verbose documentation and examples, and contains documentation on auxiliary systems such as Swift and Vermilion.  Both the repository and github pages are open to contributions from the user community.
  • HPC Data and ESIF Research Data Systems - Contact to discuss your Data Science needs or questions with a data expert.