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New Applications Available for Testing

January 14, 2020

From the Eagle command line, "module use /nopt/nrel/apps/modules/test/modulefiles" will add a collection of binaries (applications, libraries, middleware, etc.) that are available for testing by the user community. We are especially interested in problems that people run into, so we can correct them before moving things into production.

Binaries available for testing include

  • Abaqus 2018
  • ARM 19.1.4
  • Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition 2019.0.1 and 2019.0.5 (the corresponding intel-mpi module will autoload most dependencies; MKL needs to be loaded separately if required)
  • Anaconda 2019.10
  • COMSOL 5.5
  • Dakota 6.9
  • MATLAB R2019a
  • PGI 18 and 19 (aside from any codes with specific requirements for this compiler suite, it is also the standard for OpenACC support)

In addition, some may find the following useful for testing; they are however not intended for deployment to production at the moment.

  • OpenMPI on top of GCC with various degrees of disconnection from the Slurm resource manager. These will mostly be of interest to those who are experiencing difficulties running through srun. "noslurm" denotes a standalone OpenMPI build; "nopmi" is unaware of the Slurm Process Management Interface, but still has some dependencies on Slurm. Both provide "mpirun" as a mechanism to start jobs.

Other modules are at various preliminary stages and are not intended for widespread use.

If you find problems with any of the above, please send a note to Thanks!